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About The Kennel

Just a rundown of my kennel and some of what I have put into it. I am hoping you will agree that it is a great environment for the dogs and puppies. Some people I have boarded dogs for, and my customers call my kennel a doggy resort. Some say that their dog won't want to come back home with them. Probably one of the nicest Kennels you will see. I know it is much nicer then some I have seen and that is part of why I do what I do for my pups and dogs. 

I started my Kennel when I lived in Nevada TX in 2002 on a newly built house and an acre lot.
Started with two dogs growing to 7 before moving to my new location in Caddo Mills TX to 4 acres in 2013.
With a 3-acre pasture a figure 8 pond, with a bridge, and 30X60 workshop with a large covered outdoor area, tack room, and a full bathroom in it. Now have 17 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 Llamas. I wanted more land and a newer house that was smaller than Nevada. Ended up with a little bit older, and bigger house with less than the land I wanted.

On the upside.

It was laid out great for a kennel, with a pond to swim and keep cool in with lots of entertainment.
Has two horse stalls with running fresh water line faucets, for future horse purchase and the dogs.
Everything I bring in on Puppy sales goes right back into the dog's/kennel. As well as a good chunk of my income I make from my Work from the Home job. Food, supplies, hunting, field trials, training, shows, VET bills, maintenance and improvements, utilities, and a great deal of time and effort.  
The first thing we did was put up a 6-foot cedar privacy fence about 100' long and 50' wide along the property line past the workshop, to the corner of the house. (see pictures below) This is the dedicated puppy yard. Put no climb fencing all the way around the inside of the 3-acre run/Pasteur. Ran electrical fencing along the bottom and top of the pasture fence, and bottom of the puppy yard fence. Not used anymore except in the puppy yard once and awhile. But needed to deter digging under the fence and going over. Only .04 jolts, so miner zap deterrent. Pups don't dig, and do not rush the gate. Not on much, but they don't know that. 

Inside the workshop.

Built a 15x30 foot indoor kennel facility for the adults with a doggy door to the outside for inclement weather. For the adults, there are two radiant heaters that kick on at 30 degrees, and a portable 42-inch barrel fan to help cool. They have berrel houses to go in, but rarely do with 4, 40# food bins of top quality food to free feed. Good quality food, dogs eat to protein levels and quite. They are all fit, trim, athletes. Burning it off running playing in the pasture. I do not kennel up my dogs unless needing to for breeding, in session, medical reasons or other isolation that is needed.  

Indoor for the pups. Two whelping rooms that are 8'x8'x8', insulated, windows, ventilated, Doggy door to a kennel and then the puppy yard. With electrical power, lights heat and Air Conditioning. Filtered aerated water. Space left for putting in a simple front and a top for another 2 rooms 1 71/2x8x8, 1 12x8-11x8. Cut doggy doors to kennel and yard. Built an electrical room I call it for my Alternative power source with Solar panels, and wind generator, batteries. Ventilated, windows, and AC. Also built an office with a full bathroom, ventilated, heat and AC. Both of these rooms could be converted into whelping rooms easily if needed with a doggy door to the puppy kennels and yard.The house has a fenced in backyard with a deck and covers for the needed use of the dogs or pups as needed.

The puppy yard is also divided three ways with fence and gates, with an additional 10x10 kennel to accommodate different situations. With fresh running water faucets.