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Our Brittany pups

 We have sold out of this litter. Whepled 9/23/17!

Featuring Tre, and Kellie. This is their first litter together. Available NOW! There is some information is available on the site. Email me for more information.

Meet Dad: Tre

Meet Mom: Kelle

(Pedigree's will be posted soon)

(Pedigree's will be posted soon)

Get one now or get on my waiting list for the next one. Send an email to A $200 deposit will reserve one on this or the next litter. I take them in date order until all pups are gone. You will be the first to know. 

 Meet The Pups!

 The Boy's

M4 7-Weeks Old; On a quail wing in some of the pics. Last one for this batch of pups! Reserved. Get on the list for the next litter!

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 The Girl's are all sold. Get on the list for the next litter!

F1 7-Weeks Old; sold

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There are none available right now. Get one now or get on my waiting list. Send an email to A $200 deposit will reserve one on this or the next litter. I take them in date order until all pups are gone. You will be the first to know. 

Written Health Guarantee if requested. I stand behind my dogs either way. Top quality with a great reputation.
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American Brittany Spaniel Breed History

he Brittany dog history is a wonderful cultivation of the desire and effort to have
the perfect bird dog, hunting dog, gun dog and show Brittany. Professional
Brittany breeders work very hard to ensure their Brittany dogs and their Brittany
puppies for sale conform to AKC and CKC standards for the Purebred Brittany.

Since the mid 19th century this was known as the Breton peasant's hunting dog, in the isolated northwest French province of Brittany. The Brittany is regarded as the smallest of the versatile gun dogs. This breed is able to point and retrieve game and works equally well in open country or dense cover. This breed is believed to have been developed from a cross between an English Setter and a small French land spaniel. Brittanys are happy and alert dogs they make wonderful companions for the weekend hunter. They like activity and need daily exercise. A Brittany makes a fine family pet and a gentle friend at home and even in an apartment. They respond well to training and they are quick learners and eager to please. The Brittany measures from 17.5 to 20.5 inches at the shoulders and weighs from 30 to 40 lbs. Their coat is dense and of medium length. The fur can be flat or wavy. Brittanys are either born tailless or have their tail docked shortly after birth. The tail is docked to prevent injury to the dog while running in the fields and forests. A Brittany requires very little grooming. The ears have only a moderate amount of fringing. The feathering at the back of their legs should not be heavy and excessive. The colors of a Brittany are orange & white, liver & white. Ticking of the fur color is acceptable. Roan patterns or factors of any of these colors are permitted.  
The Brittany was first exhibited in the Paris dog show in 1900, their reputation in the field soon spread among sportsmen around the world. This breed was first imported to this continent in the 1920's. The C.K.C. and the A.K.C. recognized the Brittany in 1934. In Canada the breed is called "Brittany Spaniel". In the United States the breed is called "Brittany".
(Not to be confused with the French Brittany Spaniel)