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We have the rare line of Humphrey's Bred Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters.

Our Llewellin's have a history spanning almost 150 years.  
There are some informative websites on line written by Llewellin Setter experts.  We encourage you to research the history of this fantastic foot hunting breed.

What we know and want to share about Llewellins...

They have been bred to natural bird hunting dog.

more to come soon....

Meet Blaze

Meet Lady

Their Pedigree's

Llewellin Breed History

The Llewellin descends directly from the longest existing breed of Setters in the world. The Laverack base of the breed goes back to the 1500's. By the early 1900's in the USA there were no lines of English Setters that did not have the Llewellin bred into them. The Llewellin blood proved to be so superior in competition that there were no strains of Native or English Setters left pure. The Llewellin was recognized as a breed on its own. All other strains were recognized as English Setters. From the beginning, a Llewellin and English Setter bred together resulted in the registration of the pups as English Setters. For years the Llewellin was the dominant dog in competitions. The changes in the format of trials and the use of Pointers are the factors which resulted in the change of opinion of what Setters truly are. The Llewellin, a purebred strain of English Setter is I believe superior to all other breeds of Setters, both recent imports and continental breeds, for bird hunting in the US. I do try not to be prejudiced BUT I have hunted the Llewellin for 35 years and have hunted against pretty much all other setting-pointing dogs. I honestly can't remember when my dogs have been 2nd best. They have been bred for over one hundred years to hunt our type of Game Birds and cover and terrain. More and more dedicated foot hunting sportsmen will contest that they have the best nose of any dog. Truly their sense of smell is the most important factor in their breeding. Their single-minded ability to find gamebirds is as good today as it was over one hundred years ago. Bird hunting for centuries was for sport and food. For me, that is what it has always been. Competition first began as a medium to make available the best of the best. Because of the change of direction of the Trials the wider running dogs became prevalent.